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Reusable Sanitary Pads Best Combo Deals - Bundle Pack

Bamboo Toothbrush Family 4 Pack - Free Shipping

I'm saving money & the environment.

I honestly love this product! It's the best purchase I've made online ever! I started using these & now I've suggested them to my family! They're very comfortable it feels like I'm just wearing undies. No more embarrassing wrapper noise in public toilets (ladies we all know this sound too well πŸ˜πŸ˜‚) I can leave them on all day, with no yucky smells because they're very absorbant.
I hand wash them in the shower with me (saves water 😊) then I throw them in the wash & hang em on my clothes airer. The best part of this product I don't have to buy pads every month! I'm wondering why I didn't switch to reusable pads earlier. πŸ₯°β€οΈ I seriously recommend this product to every woman who wants to help reduce pollution to the environment & wants to save money.

great products for our times

I’m very pleased with the products. A little more plastic replaced! Delivery was a little delayed but there was excellent communication keeping me up to date. I would not hesitate to order again.

These things are crazy good

So you're here to buy these hoping you'll reduce your nasty human impact on the planet by a teeny weeny bit?
Well buckle in, partner - these cloths are so good that I bet you'd keep using them even if you found out that the makers routinely punch dolphins in the face.
Seriously, though. They last forever. I worried that they might start falling apart after a trip through my washing machine, but I must've washed them two dozen times now, and they just keep being amazing. They keep their shape, no tearing or pilling or fraying. They dry stiff as a board, but one rinse under the tap and they're soft and squishy again. The prints are long lasting. They are super absorbent. They don't smell. I've sopped up all manner of terrible stainy stuff with these things - beetroot, tandoori, plums, red wine - but after a rinse you'd never know it.
TL;DR - besides being a greener choice, these cloths are actually just better than any other dish cloth I've ever used.

What do the stars mean? Why are there 2 lines of stars?
I have received my washable pads. Thank you. But may I remind you that I have not paid for them. I have very little to say about your web site. I very rarely buy coffee, never in a take away cup. It is an unnecessary extra draw on the budget. I carry water. Your dental pick might be useful but I find grass stems have a degree of flexibility in their cross sectional shape which makes them very good tooth picks. Thank you.

Great product. Quick delivery

Great product, great delivery

This is the second time I have ordered the food huggers because they are amazing. Good quality, great for that half lemon left or even to cover small ramekins. Delivery was cheap, quick and without unnecessary packaging, no plastic!

Very good idea. Handy pack to carry around


Everything I purchased and received is just what I needed! Some small changes to help the environment :)

Quick delivery great product

Love them! Good size and nice and soft on my skin, the mesh wash bag was a bonus to stop them getting lost in the laundry

Love this!

I love this menstrual cup and case! I bought my first cup on here a few years ago to β€œtry out” and havent looked back since. Best cup everrr and am sooo glad I made the switch!

Super stuff

Great products, fast delivery and love the personal thank you note.

Reusable sanitary pads

I got these for my daughter and she is finding them brilliant to use, easy to clean and quick drying . Fantastic πŸ‘

SO comfortable!

I need to wear something at night and my doctor recommended these. They work perfectly and they are incredibly comfortable! Totally recommended.

Excellent purchase

The order delivered very quickly and they work so well. I will definitely be ordering more soon.

Best items around

Favourite online shop

Reusable menstrual pads

These are much more absorbant and more comfortable to use than store bought pads.


Im confused to see good reviews of these. I have tried all sizes and textures (and yes dry!) of bowls, plates and cups and i cannot get these things to work. They will not stick as they appear to in the photo. They definitely dont work 'like cling film'.
I really want to love them! But at the moment they are just taking up space in the cupboard.

Love it

Have used for biscuits, scones and potatoes. Works well.
I also use it if I need to cover food in the oven.

Good scrubbing brush

Honestly I like scrubbing brushes from an aesthetic point of view. And aesthetically this is great. I have used it as a surface for felting wool and also as a toy for my baby (the bristles have two differing and interesting textures.


I see that the product details specify that they are not the best for drying ears which I didnt see when buying. I find if I put a piece of muslin over them then they work for drying ears but that is a hassle to remember. I havent thrown these out (yet), but they are not being used.

Nice Scrubby

These last ages and work well.

Good service

Love my products thank you πŸ’•

Dolce gusto refillable cream pod

I am really happy with this product. It works brilliantly without the waste.
Impressed with the eco packaging and card tooπŸ‘