We understand it can all seem a little overwhelming, and there are so many things going on in the world at the moment. There are so many changes, so much to be unsure about...?
So the big question is where to start? 
Simple answer: Start exactly where you are.
But START! That is the main thing....just start.

Watts Up With Dangerous Light Bulbs?

Confused about light bulbs, I don’t blame you…as with everything else the efficiency and benefits that technology apparently brings has moved us far away from the simple 40w, 60w and 100 watt bulb! 


Celebrate Plastic Free July by Reducing Packaging Pollution

According to forecasters, the e-commerce business will reach over $4.5 trillion when 2021 arrives, a 246% increase within the past six years. Retailers are adjusting to digital orders, and so too will the packaging.  The environmental impact will grow larger as more people shop online, as will the enormous flow of plastic packaging, bubble wrap and other packaging waste that is discarded throughout the supply chain. 

Be A Butterfly

Yes we do need to stay home and we do need to stay safe, but how many things  are continuously thrown on the back-burner because of our busy lifestyles?

So why not use this time to regroup, rethink, readjust and realign our focus?