How To Live Less Disposable & Be More Sustainable Day To Day

We need to change this narrative - but how - to achieve sustainability it is vital to review our consumption habits. We can all become environmentally aware and we can all find ways that fit in with our unique lifestyles.

We are all familiar with the triangular recycling symbol; the arrows are in a mobius loop, they chase each other in a clockwise direction.  We find these symbols printed on everyday packaged products such as ‘to go’ cups at the coffee shop or containers used for carrying left over food.

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Plastic - What Is BPA? What Can We Do About It?

BPA is a man-made compound that has been around for over a hundred years and can be found in food, toiletries, lining canned foods, plastic packaging household items, sports equipment and more. Its basic job is to strengthen whatever item it is included in. In plastics, it makes them stronger and more resilient – hardening them to the rigours of daily life, hence BPA has been found in drink bottles and food containers.
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Reducing Single Use vs Plastic Free Living

Living sustainably can seem overwhelming, especially with increasing amounts of often conflicting information available online and in the media regarding how to live sustainably and the statistics regarding the decline of our environment.

One of the simplest ways to begin is by reducing single-single use items that are purchased by you and your family.

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