Reusable Sanitary Pads Best Combo Deals - Bundle Pack

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Reusable Sanitary Pads Best Combo Deals - Bundle Pack


Because being sustainable is super smart, and super awesome, we have got our hands on some hot little packs just for you!!

5 x Eco-friendly Washable, Reusable Menstrual Pads + 1 Carry Bag! 😉

Packs contain one of each colour pad and are available in either set:
S/M with 2 x Small, 3 x Medium, 1 x Carry Bag.
M/L with 2 x Large, 3 x Medium, 1 x Carry Bag.

Don't want a set? Click here to see our Extra Large / Maternity Sized Pads & Individual Single Pads.

The design of these pads bring comfort and absorbency. Our washable, eco-friendly menstrual pads consist of bamboo and may be used between three to five years.

They are simple to clean - just rinse out soak in cold water until ready to wash, then use a cold water cycle. 

The small pads consist of an inner microfiber layer alone while the medium has two layers. The large is thicker for heavy-flow days. The outer layer is always waterproof to prevent leaking while the wings also protect your underwear from leaks. The layer that's closest to your skin is very soft and comfortable charcoal bamboo, it is gentle, smooth, and naturally reduces odor and bacteria.


  • 100% Brand new and high quality. 
  • Designed for fashion and comfort. 
  • No leak, no strings sticking out. 
  • No more annoying midnight dashes to the store. 
  • Soft bamboo cotton. 
  • Eco-friendly: washable and reusable. 
  • Economical: Can reuse for 3-5 years. 
  • Easy to clean: Rinse in cold water, machine wash and dry. 

As easy as: open the sanitary pad, then put it on your underwear and close the snap button.


Upper layer: A layer of soft and smooth charcoal bamboo against your skin, they are naturally deodorising, breathable and antibacterial.

Inner layer: Small has 1 layer of microfibre, Medium has 2 layers, and the Large has 3 layers so they are super absorbent.

Outer layer: 1 layer with a waterproof TPU backing to prevent leaks.

Secure: The wings have 1 or 2 snap sets allowing them to be clipped around underwear for extra security.

Sizes: Measurements are taken from the centre pad, they do not include the size of the wings. For best selection measure one of the pads you currently use and compare below. 

S: 20cm × 6cm (panty liner)
M: 25cm × 7cm (regular/light flow)
L: 31cm × 7.5cm (heavy flow)

Carry Bag Size: Approx. 18cm x 14cm 

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23 Jul 2020
Chelsea C.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product
Should have changed years ago

Really love these pads. This is the second pack I have purchased. Only had a couple of pad misplacement, due to wrong underwear not the pads

21 Jul 2020
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product
Never going back, eco all the way!

I brought the M/L set at first to trial and within a week or two I came back and brought another set, this time the S/M. Honestly they're amazing, they're soft and kind to your lady area and they don't get uncomfortable or anything. I have reusable period underwear but thought reusable sanitary pads would be another good step and I have absolutely no regrets, had no leakages or anything. I have multiple reusable sanitary pads, reusable period underwear and my first confidence cup to be fully eco friendly on my period and I have no regrets other than wishing I had done this earlier!

18 Jul 2020
Gagan D.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

No leakage, no rashes good for heavy flow days. Very comfortable. I am telling everyone in my family to switch n to be honest i feel good as i m becoming eco friendly.... lol. I wasted so much money on disposable pads hope i had discovered these earlier.

16 Jul 2020
Ruth B.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product
Reusable pads

Great product,very comfortable to use and in such delightful print fabrics. Easy to wash and dry.

A Intentionally Sustainable Customer
15 Jul 2020
Joanne L.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product
Happy customer

Recently bought a second set of these as I am trying to make the switch to more eco-friendly sanitary products. I have only used them once but so far so good, very good absorbtion. They also feel more comfortable/less noticable than the regular sanitary pads I have used in the past. The only fault I found is the convenience factor- the washing part is a bit of extra work-I just rinsed mine out in the shower and put them in with a load of washing at the end of my cycle. On the other hand, not having to worry about stocking up on pads regularly is a bonus! Overall, I am happy with the quality of the pads and would recommend.

01 Jul 2020
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

First time using a reusable sanitary pad and I am impressed. They are comfortable, and so far I haven't had an issue with them moving around or had concerns regarding leakage . Definitely happy with my purchase.