Non-Stick Reusable Baking Dish & BBQ Liners

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Non-Stick Reusable Baking Dish & BBQ Liners


This reusable, non-toxic, baking and BBQ mat is ideal for any indirect cooking. Great for baking, pan frying, charcoal, electric grills and long as it will not be in contact with open flames.

As an eco-friendly baking sheet place the mat directly on your baking dish creating a beautiful non-stick barrier, and then place your mixture directly on the mat and cook as usual. You will have a easy clean up, and our special non-stick mats will still you a crispy cookie base and a gooey middle!

This can be used in your oven instead of baking paper which makes cleaning a breeze afterwards as nothing sticks, or you can choose to use it as a BBQ cooking mat or a BBQ grill mat – either way it uses less baking paper for you and makes for easier cleaning.

  • Safe for temperatures between -60 Celsius to 260 Celsius.
  • Best wiped clean with a damp cloth straight after use.
  • Not for use with any open flame cooking.
  • Avoid sharp metal utensils as they could scratch the mat.

Why keep wasting money on disposable, throw away products like foil or baking paper? These products still usually leave a big mess in your baking trays for you to clean up, not to mention the mess they make in the environment!

Reusable baking mats last a long time, you can literally use them hundreds of times and as an added benefit they are reusable on both sides.

With the baking/bbq mat you will spend less time cleaning as it is 100% non-stick, any mess left over from cooking just slides easily off when wiped with a damp cloth.

Think healthier meals when using the baking/bbq mat.  There is no need for your food to swim in oil or butter to create a non-stick environment.

Great for all kinds of food - Chicken, Eggs, Ribs, Fish, Vegetables, Steaks, Burgers, Kababs, Shrimp, Bacon, Grilled Cheese Sandwich and more!

One size fits all. It can be cut or trimmed to fit any grill, fry pan or baking dish, taking away the worry of whether it will fit your current cooking gear.

Save on burnt fingers reaching through the bbq’s grill. This grill mat will stop veggies and small chunks of meat falling into BBQ.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Alex Wilson
No More Baking Paper

Love that I don't need to use Baking paper anymore. So much better for the environment. These are great. Easy to use and clean. Definitely recommend!

Reusable Baking Mats

The mats are great and really reduce waste in the kitchen. We cut them down to fit the exact size of our current trays which works really well!

Gemma Gowling
Baking not Roasting

I'm actually pretty disappointed with these as they do NOT clean properly. After a few months using one for baking and one for roasting, neither of them comes completely clean.

I had some warehouse BBQ sheets a few years ago that lasted me those few years and they actually cleaned properly.

Bellatina shewan
Love it

Have used for biscuits, scones and potatoes. Works well.
I also use it if I need to cover food in the oven.