Pour Over Coffee Dripper Paperless

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Pour Over Coffee Dripper Paperless


Coffee - virtually everyone loves it, don't they? Whether you're a mocha or a cappuccino person, whether you like a lot of cream and sugar or you prefer it straight black, the chances are that you do enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

And quality coffee is not as easy to obtain as you might think! The market abounds with cheap and low quality instant coffee or substandard beverages from a coffee shop that just doesn't quite cut it. If you want really good quality coffee, the best thing that you can possibly is to make it yourself.

But the  traditional method of making coffee, by filtering it through paper, involves an unnecessary amount of waste. What if you could percolate coffee without having to have the expense or  the waste of filter paper?

With this perfect paper free coffee filter you can not only have waste free coffee but the filtering method will ensure that you get a much more satisfying, full and  flavoursome beverage. You will not regret buying this!

Kone Coffee Filter is made from the best quality stainless steel with a dual layer filter system which does not require the addition of any paper filter.

The stand alone filtering allows for more oil and a fuller bodied cup of coffee than is achievable with paper.



Food Grade Stainless Steel 304. 

* Does not require filter paper. 

* Duble layer mesh presicion filter.

* Mini delicate appearance. 

* Simple and convenient operation.

* Easy to clean, sturdy and durable.

 * Flexible use easily makes 1 cup or 10 cups. 

Customer Reviews

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perfect alternate coffee maker

I looked online for a paperless slow-pour coffee maker, and chose this company in part because of the commitment to sustainability. Besides, as pictured and described, the filter seemed to be much the same as sold elsewhere. The delivered product was as advertised, and works perfectly.


Pour over coffee dripper paperless


Pour Over Coffee Dripper Paperless

Pour over coffee dripper

My absolute favourite! Ir has replaced my coffee plunger. So easy to use

Packaging is impressive

Items is way beyond my expectation and the packaging is impressive. thank you