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It can all seem a little overwhelming with everything going on in the world at the moment. There are so many changes, so much to be unsure about...

The big question: Where to start? 

Answer: Start exactly where you are.

But START! That is the main thing … just start.

This is actually one of the reasons why Intentionally Sustainable was started. At the time, it was all Zero Waste and Plastic Free. But, in reality, neither of these was realistic for standard, day-to-day living.  We simply were not ready for it and, sadly, the big business technologies have still not been developed. When the goal isn’t achievable, why start, right?

'Stop doing nothing because you can't do everything.' Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

However, in fact, if you break down anything, there are always achievable steps—and achievements, big or small, will lead to more achievements. There is a very awesome concept from Stephen Covey, called The Circle of Influence, which is explained in the video below.

If, like many people, you are feeling overwhelmed by the big-picture clutter, this concept can easily become an actionable step. Start with a bunch of Post-it notes and, on each, write down one thing you are concerned about. Once you are done, draw two circles on a piece of paper. Then start putting the notes on either the middle for "can influence or have an effect on" or the outside for "sooo out of my control".  

'Where intention goes energy flows.' Unknown Author

Imagine that everyone focused all of their attention on things they could do to improve their immediate situation. If everyone found ways to add value to their home, their family, their friends, their community...?  You would be amazed at how effective the mind dump is on its own! 

I decided to focus on single-use pollution because I thought it simply made sense.  It is something everyone can do. Buying quality saves more money than disposables, and quality generally has fewer toxins.  It only had positives all around, so my focus went there. I would dare say that the 15,000+ orders to date make me think that taking the time to really draw in that focus has gone okay.

However, the main thing is to figure out what works for you, to make a plan that works for your life. So, do The Circle of Intention … please. I do not know a single person who hasn't benefited enormously from doing it, and it is such a simple process, so why wouldn't you...?  

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