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COVID-19 Level 4

Essential Services Information


Register of Businesses Selling Essential Goods: MBIEEB-1620

Great news guys! As with everyone else we had closed down in accordance with COVID-19 Level 4, but after noticing that a large majority of the orders coming through were actually for reusable menstrual items and other 'essential' supplies.

So we started the process of getting official approval for these items along with facemasks we managed to get in just before the lockdown, we received the go ahead last night and today (after seeing some large stores selling fake tan) we have added kitchenware, personal products, cleaning and hygiene to the essential services sales. Obviously, with stores pushed with such high demand longer-lasting, reusable items make more sense than ever.

Please be assured that human health and safety is of top priority to us and we are taking all precautions to minimise the risk while we continue operating, in no way would we consider resuming orders if we were putting anyone at risk.


  • My daughter and I have been in strict self-isolation since before level 4.
  • Work is actually located right on the bottom level of where we live, removing any travel risk.
  • All of the stock is sitting ready and waiting, and has been there since before the lockdown.
  • We will be operating as a team of two whilst level 4 is in place, oddly the perfect opportunity for me to get more than just sass from my lovely 18-year-old child that is so wonderfully trapped in this house with me! 
  • We have a Purcell NXT dispenser bag refill at both the entrance and exit, we will be strictly following all Ministry of Health guidelines. 
  • We Have Certified KN95 Facemasks for when required (and we will have limited stock available on the site soon). 
  • All couriers are now using contactless protocols, meaning both pick up and delivery will have no physical interaction, I will also attach specific details for courier interactions below. 

But basically, we have been in our bubble for almost 2 weeks now, and we are not required to leave our bubble, or to bring anyone or anything in or out of our bubble for us to resume orders, yay!

And let's face it, with the demand on supplies at the moment reusable products, especially personal items sound pretty darn good right?!?! 

All orders already placed will be sent out on Monday, and at this point we have been told daily pickups will resume as usual (apparently the service is fairly quiet?😮) although we have made it clear to NZ Post and Courier Post that we are more than happy to drop that back to make room for other deliveries if necessary. We appreciate your patience and support over this time, not just with us but with the wider community as that is what this is going to take.

Finally please everyone stay safe, stay home and stay healthy. This is such a critical time and NZ has done an amazing job at halting the growth of this hideous virus, it will take all of us to continue to stay strong and stay firm on the rules for as long as we need to.

Thanks a ton, Dawn and the team! #wegotthisnz


Effective immediately, we are changing to Contactless Delivery:

  • The courier will knock on the door as usual and step back two metres (or as far back as safe).
  • They will wait for someone to come to the door and greet them as usual. 
  • They will then ask for the recipient’s name (to record proof of delivery) and leave the parcel on the doorstep.
  • The person receiving the parcel will not sign for the delivery directly.
  • If no one comes to the door and there is no Parcel Leave service in place, the courier will follow the standard process which is to leave a card to call, with details of the delivery and return the parcel to the depot.
  • To ensure mail and parcels keep moving during these unprecedented times, this may include alternative routes which will potentially cause delivery delays.

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