Be A Butterfly - Intentionally Sustainable

Be A Butterfly

We understand that in the current conditions long-lasting reusable items make more sense than ever, so we are happy to be able to safely continue to provide these for you. 

I also want to want to say a huge thanks to everyone for doing such an awesome job at protecting their bubble. I am very grateful that as a country we acted early as we are all aware that a little time now is going to save us a huge toll on not only our time but our country, our freedom and our humanity.

So yes we do need to stay home and we do need to stay safe, but if boredom (or your family 🤭) is driving you crazy then why not download our productivity planner and use this time to regroup, rethink, readjust and realign our focus? 

Simply click on the image for your free download and get cray cray productive in your little cocoon? No tricks, no added links or email addresses required. Just a simple download, no strings attached.. 

Because let's face it, we all have tons we are planning on doing when we get a ROUND TUIT....🥁


 Click image to download PDF 

covid lock in things to do mind map