Before Anyone Was Listening - Intentionally Sustainable

Before Anyone Was Listening

I recently came across a note that I’d scribbled down way back in the beginning, before anyone was listening. I remember writing it clearly, I was struggling to write the quintessential 'about us' blurb and had already spent days trying to articulate the core message of  Intentionally Sustainable, eventually I decided to just dump all my thoughts onto paper (as I often do) and thought I'd come back and tidy it up later on. 

So I scribble down a note in all of about 3 minutes and I actually never looked at it again, the action itself was enough to clear the clutter and get my focus back.

Long story short, at a year and a half in I can definitely say that finding this again made me realise how much I liked communicating before everything I said was so finely critiqued...I  think am equally as embarrassed as I am humbled....💚

I must admit the first paragraph although I don't recall writing it, did make me a little proud 🤗

*Note: Please, please, please do not comment on the word 'beef' I am cringing so much but I have forced myself not to change it as a revised flash back doesn't hold the same authenticity does it? Ahhhh 🤦🏼‍♀️

Omg I just realised it's in there 3 times.... I'm so sorry people! 😖


Written before the brand was a brand... 


Intentionally Sustainable is about Reducing Single Use Plastic - Not Living Plastic Free.

My beef is not about plastic, or at least not all plastic, and definitely not only plastic. My beef is with the ridiculous amount going to landfill, the waste....and to be honest my personal beef is about the waste in every aspect of our lives, not just landfill....the waste of talent because of fear, the waste of time spent on things that don't make you happy, the waste of connection though judgement, the waste of trying to be instead of being, the time spent on blaming instead of acting, or the tireless worry given to things out that you can have no affect on....basically any energy flowing towards the negative that could be spent on the positive.

Buuuuuut I guess that's another tangent hehe....

So yes, I think disposable plastic is bad and it is having a massive effect on our health and our environment. But it is not plastic alone causing the overflow of waste even though it can distract from the big issue....our throwaway consumerism lifestyle!

All you need to do is look at any list of the top waste items collected anywhere in the world to see that cigarette butts are usually number one, but aluminium cans and glass bottles usually make the list with many other things.

My mission is to replace cheap, toxic, disposable items with better quality, longer lasting items.

You save money, reduce your exposure to toxins like BPA, and reduce environment pollution.