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I Am A Person With A Brand, Not A Personal Brand....

Lately, I've been receiving a lot of questions about the lack of personal information that appears on the website. I thought rather than explaining my perspective over and over again, I would just throw it out there.

Are you ready? hehe...

There isn't any personal information on the website, and there probably won't be. I've kept it that way on purpose. Personally, I struggle with many of the things that drive consumerism today. One of the biggest trends is creating your personal brand, using your personal brand to connect with people on a personal level, and using that personal connection to influence them.

I'm not actually trying to influence anyone. I've simply seen too many people who wanted to be more proactive about their environment, but were left feeling hopeless and confused because they didn't know how.

My intention is to reduce that confusion. I plan to provide informative and accessible starting points that make beginning the Single-Use Item Reduction journey achievable. I'm hoping to simplify an action most people already wanted, but that they weren't sure where to start.

I am tirelessly researching, looking not only for new ideas, but also practical ones that are applicable in almost every household. I want to share ideas that will have an impact, but are also easy to implement and will fit into even the busiest of lifestyles.

We are working with premium manufacturers and doing our best to improve not only the quality and functionality of our products, but also the way they are packaged and shipped (as this has been the biggest eye-opener in regards to waste 😱).

If you're buying our products, please buy them for the reasons above, or because they are something you need, or something that will help you reduce your impact on the environment, and not because we have a kid the same age or have both struggled with something similar in the past or any other details that have zero reflection on the value of the product itself (I mean this is the most positive and genuine way, so please don't take it as pessimistic).

Basically, I don't believe in relating to people on a personal level and influencing them. That feels deceptive to me, even though I completely understand that not doing so is possibly perceived as 'deceptive.' It's a bit of a catch 22, I suppose. I agree 100 percent with the phrase 'to each their own,' so if you feel differently, I completely respect your opinion. However, I can only do what feels true to me. I apologize if it doesn't sit well with anyone, but there is no malice intended at all.

So, in summary — Am I being deceptive or hiding? HECK NO!

I'll pretty much chat away with anyone who is interested and is communicating with authenticity (sometimes a little too much).

I am a human being and I'm passionate about what I'm doing, so of course I will communicate with you.

But, I will communicate as a person who has a brand — and not as a personal brand.


Cheers, and have a great day!

Intentionally Sustainable

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