Delicates Fine Mesh Wash Bag - Small Size

  • Delicates Fine Mesh Wash Bag - Small Size

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Delicates Fine Mesh Wash Bag - Small Size


Listing Is For Wash Bag Only  

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A wash bag is a useful and practical item which most people need. This attractive and durable bag has many functions and will stand you in good stead for years or service and leaving you wondering if just the one will be enough for your needs!

Firstly, you can use this to carry things that you might need including make-up, baby items, essential cosmetics and other similar items. You can keep all of these things safe and in the same place secure in the knowledge that you will always have it to hand!

Secondly, these bags are essential for keeping your delicates safe whilst you put them through the washing machine. Zip them closed in the bag and there is no chance that they will escape and be damaged in the machine! Why not have one bag for every delicate item that you own, from beautiful lace lingerie to fine woollen garments which might well be damaged in the course of a normal wash cycle?  

LONG LASTING - Wash bags are made from stain, stretch and tear resistant material. 

ZIPPER HOLDER - Protects zip and prevents zipper from opening in the washing machine.

MULTI-PURPOSE USAGE – For Makeup Wipes, a general laundry bag or organizer bag for garments or baby toys or when you travel around the world.

Product Specifications:
Fabric: 100% Polyester

Pink - 30cm x 40cm

Black / White - 25cm x 30cm 



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24 Jun 2020
Malina H.
New Zealand New Zealand

Dedicates Fine Mesh Wash Bag

We have used these in the past. Just one bag, the zip wasn't working, the other one is great. She uses these for other things, we havent used it in the washing machine yet.

06 Feb 2020
Hannah W.
New Zealand New Zealand

Wash bags

Great product, will be purchasing more in the future

11 Dec 2019
A Intentionally Sustainable Customer
Sophie B.
New Zealand New Zealand


I love these. They’re so soft, and huge so I can use one up to about 5 times meaning I hardly ever have to wash them. The bag is so useful to keep them in when they’re a bit mucky or when travelling. So happy!

08 Dec 2019
Amy D.
New Zealand New Zealand

Great Quality!

Great quality and perfect size for the reusable cotton pads. The multiple stitches make it more durable than your traditional wash bag.

19 Nov 2019
Michelle W.
New Zealand New Zealand


Love these! I highly highly recommend to anyone trying to cut back on their house house waste!!

18 Nov 2019
Lily H.
New Zealand New Zealand

Amazing Product

I have been meaning to get some reusable cotton pads. I had a bunch of toner going unused because I couldn't bring myself to buy the single-use pads. This product is really good value for money. The pads are a really great size and it feels good on the skin. The effect of the product is not changed by using this product (if anything, it seems to work better).

08 Oct 2019
Cashan B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Lovely bag

Cute little bag that perfectly holds the wipes.

31 Aug 2019
Victoria E.
New Zealand New Zealand

Wash Mag

very pleased with my purchase as I can see that I will reduce my use of cotton makeups wipes and of course, their plastic packaging

26 Aug 2019
Michelle M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Extremely well made wash bag

Extremely well made wash bag . 100% impressed

24 Aug 2019
Jen W.
New Zealand New Zealand

Make up wipes

So easy to use and I just rinse straight away and get loads of use before I need to put in the washing machine

16 Jul 2019

Very pleased

The wash bag is very nice. A good size for the cotton wipes that you can get on this site. Or for more delicate undies. Maybe it could fit a singular bra it is a small size? But it is ideal from keeping delicate/lacy undies separate from a bra wash bag so the bra hooks don't snag them. Zip stays closed every time I've used it during the wash. (Some bags don't). All in all, I'm glad for its addition to my laundry process.