Stainless Steel Reusable Tea Strainer

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Stainless Steel Reusable Tea Strainer


We searched through a lot of tea strainers to find the right one! 

We wanted one that didn't close two halves together, losing most of the leaves before you even get going.

One that didn't get half the leaves jammed in it, impossible to clean. 

We found it, easily close and twist to snap lock shut, suspend with chain, then easily open and empty out the leaves when done.

Tea time should not be stress time. 

Made with durable stainless steel, the Tea Infuser 304 is made for brewing tea the moment you need a cup.

Customers love it’s lightweight feel, making it comfortable to carry with you anywhere you travel.

The Tea Infuser Basket was designed for two reasons: to help reduce the amount of bag production, reducing less waste and improving our ecosystem, and to create a basket that tea drinker actually enjoys using.

Size: 7.4cm x 7.4cm

Package : 1 PC


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
loraine smith

Love the tea strainer I bought. Great service

The personal touch

I felt like I was personally updated at every point in the process with my order. Not only that the products are great too. I was looking for a tea infuser that wouldn't leave half the leaves in the tea, and this team have sourced the right one.

Nicole Bourke

Great fine mesh. I have purchased several for both work and home. Highly recommend!

Alison Staniland

I was given one of these as a gift and have subsequently come and purchased 4 more as a back up for myself, and gifts for others. Great quality, perfect gift teemed with a herbal tea. Highly reccommend.