Natural Eco-friendly Scrubbing Brush

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Natural Eco-friendly Scrubbing Brush


If you're looking to limit your use of single use plastics, your kitchen is a great place to start. It's easy to switch to environmentally friendly products, and we know once you've made the switch you won't go back. This brush is perfect for cleaning and scrubbing away dirt and stains! It has bristles made from coconut fiber instead of plastic that would end up in the ocean! 

Natural Coconut Fibre Hard Bristle Scrubbing Brush. 

Hard yet durable coconut fibre bristles scrub away stubborn dirt and grim, with a angled brush head for cleaning from any angle. 


Type: Scrubbing Brush Only.
Bristles material: coconut fiber.
Brush head material: wood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bellatina shewan
Good scrubbing brush

Honestly I like scrubbing brushes from an aesthetic point of view. And aesthetically this is great. I have used it as a surface for felting wool and also as a toy for my baby (the bristles have two differing and interesting textures.

Not sure

We were happy to find a scrubber that is eco-friendly, however the bristles fall out every time, and it scratches our tub and basin. On top of that, mould has grown on it even though we keep it dry. Not sure if we would get this again...

Bernadette Staal
Excellent Quality - Scrubbing brush

This is the 2nd purchase I have made of these brushes. The first brush served me well and because it is made entirely made of natural fibers and wood it helps me achieve my goal of helping the environment. I would certainly purchase this product again, not only for its "value for money" but for it's "environmental" factors.

39th Wedding anniversary

So, just to change things up for this anniversary I purchased 36 clothes pegs (the strong ones), scrubbing brush, and sisal scrub pads. The scrubbing brush really hurt when they pulled it out, those pads are really rough on skin, and I'm not going to tell where she put the pegs