Reusable Safety Razor Bathroom Stands

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Reusable Safety Razor Bathroom Stands


These are a great set of razor stands for someone looking to reduce their carbon footprint. You know plastic disposable razors are bad for the planet and your wallet, which is why you've decided on using reusable safety razors instead. But where will you store those reusable safety razors? In one of these stands!

These stands are an easy and convenient way for you to keep your shaving accessories in one place, easily accessed yet out of the way. They have a discreet and polished design that will seamlessly blend in with any bathroom's interior design aesthetic. They are structured in a way that gives it a lot of functionality without taking up too much space, which we really appreciate since counter space in bathrooms is some of the hottest real estate around!

We know living a more sustainable lifestyle can come with its challenges, which is why products that facilitate the change - like this one - can be such a convenient help to have.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Awesome service great products!

Quick delivery. Quality blades. Love the eco cloths clean up benches great & survive the wash well!

Jason Spears
Good Stuff

Man that was shipped fast, and I like the cardboard packaging. Less waste for the win! The Razor is also perfect. I look forward to never buying another razor cartridge again.

Kelly Loney
Love the stainless pegs

We're gradually collecting the stainless pegs from Intentionally, they're a good tight fit and dont' go rusty. It's good knowing where to go to get them and purchasing is made easy. Thanks team.

Reuben Simpson
Good quality

Good quality shaver and brush stand. Would recommend