Sisal Mesh Soap Saver Bag

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Sisal Mesh Soap Saver Bag


Do you love all the innovative soap bars, but hate finding a good place to keep them?

This Sisel Soap Bag the perfect way to use those new soap bars annnnnd to store them! Simply hang on a hook and whaalaa!

A bonus for both you and the environment.... many people throw away slivers of soap when they get too small to be easily used and simply open a new bar. There is no need to do this! 

Here's how it works. You save up slivers of unused soap and you put them into this neat and handy bag and wash yourself with the bag itself. You will never waste any soap again whilst you are using this! Make sure every single last bit of a bar is utilised.

Not only is this item a money saver but it is also great for exfoliation - just wash yourself all over with it and your skin will end up feeling smooth, clean and fresh, just as if you'd used a loofah all over. This bag will pay for itself over and over and you will never regret buying it.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Rebecca Anderson

Great product whose innovation can inspire us all!

Sisal soap bag

Very pleased with this. Can at last use up my soap ends, and get a loofah workout at the same time.

Dorothy Wilson

As always, excellent, trouble free service and good quality products!

Great exfoliator

Love scrubbing my shoulders with this, feels like a massage. Probably wouldn't recommend it for bigger bits of soap as they don't seem to dry out as well, but for smaller bits it's perfect! Definitely beats sitting in a tray where it goes all soggy. The cord is handy too, saves some space in the shower. Would recommend.