How Eco Is Your Coffee? | Sustainable Environment

As time has gone on we have realised that the wonderful flavoursome, richly roasted, aromatic little brown bean is a massive player in the pollution game. 

There are claims that coffee is a $60 billion industry and is the second most sort after commodity in the world, only coming second to crude oil.  There are also claims that this is a myth, but either way we can confirm that coffee is big business and we like it to be on hand at anytime, wherever we are.  

Hence we have decided to really dig deep into this category, to figure out sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that are convenient for at home or on the go, and still give a full body, rich flavour to suit your personal caffeine profile.

We aim to have an array of options to suit both those after an affordable solution reduce pollution, right through to the top of the line quality for the coffee connoisseur.

We will be adding more and more products and info, so watch this space peeps!

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