How To Eco Bathroom

Because an eco-friendly bathroom MAKES SENSE!

  • You save you money (loads of money).
  • Save annoying run outs and midnight dashes.
  • You reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to.

annnnd you...

  • Reduce the amount of pollution destroying our planet!!!
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Your Menstrual Cup Questions Answered In Depth

 By S Mason Dip Nat, Dip Herb, Dip Ayur   Our Confidence Cups are made from Medical Grade Silicone and are a quantum leap from tampons and pads offering many new advantages to traditional women’s sanitary accessories. These reusable menstrual cups are cheaper in the long run, sustainable, eco-friendly, discreet, transportable, hygienic and most ...
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How To Clean Our Reusable Cotton Makeup Remover Pads

Lot's of you have been asking how to clean our Reusable Cotton Makeup Remover Pads.... but the truth was I didn't know! 😬 So I have been on a super busy on a mission to try and figure it out for you all!

After sooooo many hilarious 80's style experiments using everything we could possibly imagine, we discovered that with most things BEING OIL BASED DISHWASHING PRODUCTS WORKED BEST! 🤯

Whilst I can't guarantee yours will come up the same, we are pretty happy that the top picks were soap bars meaning ZERO PLASTIC REQUIRED!! Boom!

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