No Touch Door Opening Keyring

  • No Touch Door Opening Keyring

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No Touch Door Opening Keyring


New Limited Time Only

No Touch Door and Button Brass Key Tool

These are not our usual style, but they are brass so they are rust free and will last a lifetime at least.

Basically door handles to public bathrooms and other high traffic places creeped me out pre-virus, so now...😱  Hence when one of our awesome suppliers presented these I was sold!

We then decided if I want one, and all of the friends and family members I showed wanted one, and we have a platform to make them available.....why wouldn't we give everyone the option? 

These brass keychains are 7.6cm x 3.2cm and designed to reduce the need to touch high traffic areas.

    • Open doors without touching them.
    • Press buttons like in elevators
    • Use for ATM machines and eftpos machines.
    • Light weight, compact and portable.
    • Reduce the needs to touch high traffic items.