Dish Soap Stainless Steel Bar Shaker

  • Dish Soap Stainless Steel Bar Shaker

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Dish Soap Stainless Steel Bar Shaker


Used for over a hundred years, Stainless Steel Soap Shakers work. The are gentle on the planet and your wallet.


  Are You?

  • Concerned about the chemicals in your dishwashing liquid?
  • What impact are the chemicals in your dishwashing liquid having on the environment?
  • Where does your dishwashing liquid plastic bottle really end up?


Why The Dish Soap Shaker?

Your grandparents used steel soap shakers with great effectiveness, getting all their dishes snappy clean. In fact, children fought over being allowed to soap up the water.

Well, they are back and with an ecological impact saving vengeance.

Simply pop in a soap bar of your choice and shake vigorously under hot water to get your sink nice and bubbly using this plastic free alternative.

Steel soap shaker baskets remove the need to buy dishwashing liquid or liquid refills (that usually contain more waste than the original bottle, and often cost more...? Go figure?).

We have used good old Sunlight Soap which you may remember from next to the laundry sink in many kiwi homes... (showing age ha)! It costs about $4 for a pack of 4, comes in a cardboard box and is still made with the original formula from 1884. 

Is It Right For You?

More dollars in your pocket as sunlight soap costs $4 for 4 bars and the bars last longer than most liquid detergent.

Easily control the amount of soapy water – it’s all too easy to over squeeze more liquid detergent than you need

Kids enjoy soaping up the water – it’s fun – easier to get them involved.

Surprisingly easy to create detergent – just shake and run under hot tap or shake in hot water.

Nothing is left over – no plastic bottle to get rid of.


Did You Know?

Dishwashing detergents can contain a myriad of chemicals. Surfactants, stability and dispensing aids, fragrances and colors, mildness additives, preservatives and antibacterial agents are sometimes added. In some cases these might be naturally occurring substances, but often they won’t. Some will be toxic to aquatic organisms and likely won’t be filtered out at water treatment facilities.


Dishwashing detergents contain phosphate – it’s a naturally occurring substance, but if too much of it gets into waterways, algae and phytoplankton feed on it and reproduce in massive numbers; causing an algal bloom.


More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day – a total of about 22 billion last year


*Soap bar is not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rachel Hitchcock
Totally recommend

Works so well, and even better the kids love helping out with the dishes even more now!


Quick and easy mail order. Fab product

Nickie Mackwood
The dish wish

Strong and robust
Great size

-Only negative is intentionally sustainable don't make and sell soap for it

Jen W.
Soap shaker

I love it! Easy to use and feel good about the planet every time I hand wash dishes!