Avocado Savers Hug Tight Fresh Covers 2pc Set

$14.90 $9.90
  • Avocado Savers Hug Tight Fresh Covers 2pc Set,AVO-2PC

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Avocado Savers Hug Tight Fresh Covers 2pc Set

$14.90 $9.90

Sick of wasting precious yummy avocados? These silicone avocado savers fit snugly over a half avocado to help keep it fresh longer.

You don't have to waste a piece of your delicious and nutritious avocado when you can keep them fresh and juicy even inside your refrigerator! Use the Avocado Savers Hug Tight Fresh Covers 2pc Set and save the other half of your avocado for later use!

  • COMES IN A SET OF 2 so that you can place each half of your avocado into separate containers just in case you are prepping your ingredients to be used on a later time.
  • MADE FROM FOOD GRADE SILICONE MATERIAL that is safe to use for food preparation and keeps your avocado snugly fit inside the container.

Stop throwing away your extra piece of avocado by getting this product now!

Two sizes are included to help make sure you are prepared for avocados large and small.

Just slip over your leftover avocado into the Avocado.

(I add a small squeeze of lemon if I have it handy for extra safe keeping 👌) 

Customer Reviews

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Love these!

These are great and I use mine often, mostly the smaller one as I rarely find large avocados in the supermarket. The only thing I find hard with these and also the round ones for onions etc is getting the run out so that it sits flush on the outside, maybe a tab on each side to pull it out and up might be helpful?

Avocado holder

Excellent product for half an avocado. Good bye to waste 😊


Avocado Savers Hug Tight Fresh Covers 2pc Set

These work!

These work! I no longer have a teenager complaining that the avocado is brown. Thank you

Great product

Keep the avocado fresh!