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  • Long-lasting, reusable, sustainable, quality products to help kiwis ditch disposable product waste and reduce single use pollution in the environment. Secure NZ Checkout, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Free Gift Wrapping, Great Customer Service.
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    Long-lasting, reusable, sustainable, quality products to help kiwis ditch disposable product waste and reduce single use pollution in the environment. Secure NZ Checkout, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Free Gift Wrapping, Great Customer Service.

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      Need an answer quickly? Here are some of our most asked questions, but we will keep adding to this page as we go to try to keep it as updated as possible so all of your reusable product order and processing information is easily accessible.
      Check Out These Super Hot, Super Sustainable Bonus Buy Deals! We think being sustainable should be rewarded, so we have put together some mega value packs just for you!
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      Send us an message and let us know how we can help assist you on your Intentionally Sustainable Journey.
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      Our goal is to offer you the best shipping options, and the best prices we possibly can. We do not charge you the full postage fee we are charged, but eco-friendly packaging is not as simple or common as it should be so the percentage we do charge is essential for our survival. Our customers are a top priority and we w
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      Can you return your product for a refund? Yes absolutely, we want  to ensure happy customers.  You may return any product in its original condition for a full refund or exchange within 14 working days of delivery. *For purchases made from 21st November 2018 we will be happy to offer a refund until 31st January 2019.  O
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      Homepage: Sustainable made simple NZ. Ditch disposable for long-lasting quality. Reduce your single use pollution with high quality reusable products blogs: Our Why The Low Down On Single Use & Plastic Pollution Latest Eco-Friendly Products, Reusable News & Sustainable Updates news.
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    • Shop All High Quality Reusable Products
      High quality, top selling reusable products to help kiwis reduce single use products and stop wasting money on products that go straight in to the pollution crisis by adding to overflowing landfills. Ditch Disposable and Choose Long-lasting Quality.

      Moving toward a plastic free, environmentally friendly kitchen? Get your stainless steel straws, silicone lids for food storage, reusable produce bags, plastic free ziploc bags, kitchen things and kitchen aids to begin your journey. Selected for durability and convenience. Check out the baking trays – easy to clean.   W
      Want to stop being part of the 2 billion dollars a year in wasted food in New Zealand? Try using stretchy silicone lids, silicone ziplock bags, and avocado covers to prolong food and prevent spoilage. Our food saver bags can be used over and over, again and again – the ultimate in plastic free lifestyle.
      The best coffee near me is the coffee made at home. Get your nespresso compatible reusable coffee pods here. You can use the stainless steel coffee pods over and over again, reducing landfill. Fill your own coffee pods if you are concerned about coffee and the environment. Check out the jars and try your hand at cold b
      Eco friendly bathroom products reduce disposable items in the landfill. Join the movement. Check out the bamboo toothbrushes, eco razors which are biodegradable disposable razors, silicone menstrual cups and eco sanitary pads and ear cleaning products. Choosing biodegradable options reduces non-recyclable items. The Ba
      This one is for all the awesome ladies out there reducing their single use, yaahoo gooo queens! Menstrual Cups, Reusable Sanitary Pads, Reusable Make Up Wipes
      Home is where the heart is, which makes it the ideal place to reduce waste. We have high quality, long-lasting products to replace nasty disposable items. Buy Right and Buy Once.
    • Eco - Clean Collection
      Sustainable cleaning is the future trend and plastic free is a step toward sustainable living. Need a brush to wash dishes – we got them all; eco dish brush, bamboo brush, eco scrubbing brush and making a comeback from the days of our grandparents, the sunlight soap shaker. Grab some for intentionally conscious cleanin
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      Top Quality, Reusable Produce Bags, Travel Cutlery Sets, Coffee Cups, Stainless Steel or Collapsible Straws, Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag Sets. Everything you need to make Eco-Friendly School or Work Lunches Easy.
      Sustainable household starter kit contains everything you need to start living more effectively, with less guilt. No one wants to be a bad human, its more that we are often given bad choices without knowing all of the options or all of the full consequences of those actions.
      Awesome eco home products are a great way to reduce waste from disposable products. Check out the stainless steel clothes pegs, mesh wash bags, eco string bags which are reusable bags as well as the brushes and steel products. Reduce plastic around the home with these great deals and options.  
      Metal blades decompose, plastic razors don’t. An eco razor does not get any better than the original Q shave series of sustainable shaving razors. Containing biodegradable disposable razor blades it will provide you an amazing shaving experience with comfort and relaxation. Plastic free lifestyle.  With world class bla
    • Shop All High Quality Reusable Products
      High quality, top selling reusable products to help kiwis reduce single use products and stop wasting money on products that go straight in to the pollution crisis by adding to overflowing landfills. Ditch Disposable and Choose Long-lasting Quality.


      Hot new and innovative eco-friendly products that have just joined the Intentionally Sustainable line up.  We are very proud of to have keeped our quality standards to the best and to introduce these to our existing reusable range.
      Our full collection of Reusable, Long-Lasting, Eco-Friendly Straws. We have Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Rainbow, Black Stainless Steel in Long, Bent, Smoothie, Short. Plus Collapsible, Telescopic and Bamboo.
    • How Green Is Your Coffee? | Sustainable Environment
      As time has gone on we have realised that the wonderful flavoursome, richly roasted, aromatic little brown bean is a massive player in the pollution game. There are claims that coffee is a $60 billion industry and is the second most sort after commodity in the world, only coming second to crude oil. There are also claims that this is a myth, but either way we can confirm that coffee is big business and we like it to be on hand at anytime, wherever we are.
    • Why We Are Intentionally Sustainable
      Hey NZ, we're Intentionally Sustainable & we stand by our name. Our mission is to replace cheap, toxic, disposable items with long-lasting, premium quality, reusable items. Quick and easy online NZ checkout, plus we eco-pack all of our stock right here in the lovely Mt Maunganui especially for you.
    • The Low Down On Single Use & Plastic Pollution
      How did we get here? A History Of Plastic - where it began, how the market grew, and how we got to where we are now. If you want to make a change but are not sure where to start, we have made sustainability simple with steps to suit everyone. If you are ready to start then click here.
    • How Can You Be Eco-Friendly In The Bathroom?
      Here we aim to develop a full guide to help you with those sustainable bathroom questions, we will be adding the nitty gritty on reusable bathroom products, how to use them, how to clean them, how to do eco hygienically, and answering your questions on expectations vs reality.
      • About Us
        Our Mission: Sustainability For Everyone! Our goal is to reduce single-use plastic and other pollution to save our oceans, our marine animals, and our future.  We aim to do this by offering a range of long-lasting, reusable, sustainable, quality items that replace cheap, toxic, disposable items and reduce waste.
      • Our Inspiration For Being Intentionally Sustainable
        Our inspiration started with the devastating effect the Plastic Pollution Crisis is having on our environment. Our mission is to provide informative and achievable starting steps for every home to begin their journey to Reducing Single Use Pollution. Be believe small changes can make big differences.
      • FACT: 89% plastic in the sea is single use; and 40% is from packaging.
        At Intentionally Sustainable we order all of our stock in bulk and special request no packaging, we then carefully check and ECO-PACK each individual item ourselves and get it ready and waiting for you to order.  By luxury brands to increase perception of gran
      • Before Anyone Was Listening
        I recently came across a note that I’d scribbled down way back in the beginning, before anyone was listening. I remember writing it clearly, I was struggling to write the quintessential 'about us' blurb and had already spent days trying to articulate the core message of  Intentionally Sustainable, eventually I decided
      • I Am A Person With A Brand, Not A Personal Brand...
        If you're buying our products, please buy them for the reasons above, or because they are something you need, or something that will help you reduce your impact on the environment, and not because we have a kid the same age or something similar that haszero reflection on the value of the product itself.
      • Are We Drop Shipping...???
        I want to address the pink elephant in the room. Time and time again, I get asked if we're drop shipping. The answer to that question is, NO. While drop shipping is easier, requires little outlay, and has barely any risk associated with it, it is not intentionally sustainable, and is therefore contradictory to our inte
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          • Blogs, News and Updates
            Eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable product updates and tips and hints to help a smooth transition to a better future for the generations to come.  We make reducing single us pollution simple as we believe small changes make big differences
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          • ecobathroom
            Because an eco-friendly bathroom MAKES SENSE! You save you money (loads of money). Save annoying run outs and midnight dashes. You reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to. annnnd you... Reduce the amount of pollution destroying our planet!!!
          • Your Menstrual Cup Questions Answered In Depth
            Medical grade silicone Confidence Cups are a quantum leap from tampons and pads offering many new advantages to traditional women’s sanitary accessories. These reusable menstrual cups are cheaper in the long run, sustainable, eco-friendly, discreet, transportable, hygienic and most of all convenient and easy to use.
          • How To Clean Our Reusable Cotton Makeup Remover Pads
            We have been on a mission and after many hilarious experiments using everything we could possibly imagine, we discovered that with most things being oil based dish products worked best! Check out the full blog for more details.
          • Eco Friendly Make-Up Remover Wipes for Natural Skincare
            By S Mason Dip Nat, Dip Herb, Dip Ayur Natural skincare is easy enough when you understand how your skin is made, and why, when you remove makeup dirt you need natural cleansing cloths. When it comes to the ultimate makeup remover wipes, cotton pads have it over throwaway versions. Suitable for all skin types.
          • Less Waste 101: An Eco-Friendly Bathroom
            There are a few areas where most of us could cut back on our bathroom waste. If you’re taking your first steps down the path of eco-friendly living, you might want to begin by swapping out some of these common bathroom disposables for reusable options! Don’t stress - it’s much easier than you might think.
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          • Single Use Pollution Calculator
            How Much Difference Can One Person Make? If so, well you are definitely not alone! Check out our Single Use Pollution Calculator to find out more.
          • How To Live Less Disposable & Be More Sustainable Day To Day
            We need to change this narrative - but how - to achieve sustainability it is vital to review our consumption habits that also fit in with our unique lifestyles.
          • Have you heard about the 'Reusable' Plastic Bag?
            Compared to paper grocery bags, plastic grocery bags consume 40% less energy, generate 80% less solid waste, produce 70% fewer atmospheric emissions, and release up to 94% fewer waterborne wastes. Can you believe that statement was released as part of the initiative to drive consumers away from paper bags and towards t
          • Plastic - What Is BPA? What Can We Do About It?
            Heard that plastic is bad? Of course you have. Most likely you know that plastics take a very long time to break down. They estimate anything from 200 years to a thousand years, but this is a guess. What can be worse than that? BPA, or bisphenol A to be precise.  BPA is a man-made compound that has been around for over
          • Reducing Single Use vs Plastic Free Living
            Living sustainably can seem overwhelming, especially with all of the conflicting information you'll find online. People throw away millions of tons of plastics every year, but they don't always wind up in landfills. Believe it or not, 89 percent of the plastic in our oceans is from single-use items. That's a hard pill
      • how-green-is-your-coffee-sustainable-environment/4 pages
          • Reusable Coffee Comparison Chart
            We compare different refillable coffee capsules and other products so you can find the best for you. Make your next caffeine hit a sustainable one with reusable coffee products, check out this easy to read guide now.
          • Coffee Past, Present and Planet
            Coffee is huge business and there are claims that it is the second-largest traded commodity on the planet, second only to oil. It’s of international importance. Approximately 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year (Home Ground) – sixty six times more than people alive on the planet.
          • What's the difference between cold brew and iced coffee?
            Have you ever heard of cold brew coffee? If so, there may be a chance that you’ve sipped on such a drink once or twice. If you haven’t heard of it, you probably will soon, as cold brew is becoming increasingly  popular amongst baristas and customers alike. What is cold brew coffee? It’s surprising how many people have
          • How Eco Is Your Coffee? | Sustainable Environment
            Coffee shops and cafes are the new dairies of the 21st century. Once, nearly every corner now have cafes or small coffee hang outs. Why? Coffee is a fundamental part of food culture all around the world but our coffee habits also contribute enormously to the increasingly urgent plastic pollution crisis.