Firstly, thank you for caring about our planet and our future, and thank you for your time!
You see....the thing is that an eco-friendly bathroom MAKES SENSE!  It saves you money (loads of money), saves annoying run outs, reduces the amount of toxins you are exposed to, annnnd reduce the amount of pollution destroying our planet!!!
Hence reusable bathrooms really are a total WIN/WIN - but we have realised it is the unknowns that tend to make people cautious, so we have decided in invest in creative new ways for people to get informed.  We just need to know what you want to be informed about exactly before we can inform you...hehe.
This form is designed to be as quick as possible, but you are more than welcome to add any additional information at the bottom, answers are confidential and yes we want you to be honest.  That's the only way we will be able to learn what kind of resources we need to get out there. 💚
When women help each other incredible things happen