Fitted correctly, Confidence Cups create a seal against the vaginal wall and can hold twice as much as a tampon, preventing leakage. Too prevent leakage for first time users, practice fitting the Confidence Cup in advance.

The simple movements involved in removing the Confidence Cup means you do not have to touch or see blood. Simply squeeze the bottom of the cup to break the seal and use the stalk to remove it and tip the contents into the toilet. Do not pull it by the stalk. Also, the Confidence Cup does not sit high inside the vagina, so you will not be fishing around for it.

No. Given that menstrual blood is held inside the body inside a container sealed against your body, and briefly comes into contact with air when it is emptied, they will have less odour than traditional sanitary applications.

It’s as simple as filling the case it comes with (along with the Confidence Cup as well) with water and popping it into the microwave oven. This will kill any microbes on it.

Confidence Cups are made from medical grade silicon. Sterilised and cleaned according to the instructions means they will last for many years.

Medical grade silicone does not harbor bacteria or fungi. Sterilisation according to the instructions will ensure they stay hygienic and clean for a long time.

Yes. Microwaving your Confidence Cup in water in the collapsible cup provided will kill all pathogens.

Confidence Cups are made of very pliable soft silicon that mould and fit to the contours of the inside of your vagina. If you can insert a tampon, then these are just as easy. It’s a misconception also that the cup has to be pushed all the way up. In fact, the cup just sits inside the entrance to the vagina. (Diagram?)

Fitted correctly, you will not even know that it is there.

Once the Confidence Cup is fitted, it creates a seal against the tissue of the vaginal wall, making it virtually impossible to flip upside down.

Given that the Confidence Cup lasts up to ten years, the savings made on purchasing sanitary products can amount to thousands of dollars over that time. With the Confidence Cup, you will never run out of sanitary supplies.

Once fitted properly they cannot be felt. Some women may have a low sitting cervix and may need to trim the stalk back to adjust to their body size and prevent the stalk poking out.

This will depend on the type and amount of damage. If you an insert a tampon, then it is safe to use a menstrual Confidence Cup.

The FDA approved medical grade silicon is soft and pliable and works in with the natural contours of your vagina. You should feel no pain.

For heavy bleeding use the larger cup, it holds up to 35mls of fluid which is still four times more than a tampon. This means that you will have to change it four times less than a tampon.

Yes. The blood is inert and will sit inside the Confidence Cup until it is emptied.

They are no messier than a tampon.