FACT: 89% of all plastic in the sea is from single use; and 40% of that comes from packaging.

You may so 'no' to a bag for that new T-Shirt at the checkout, which is great...but what packaging waste has already been discarded in that T-Shirts lifetime?  

According to China’s State Post Bureau, more than 31 billion parcels were delivered in 2016, a year-on-year increase of 51.4%. The average daily processing volume of express delivery reached 85 million pieces, the maximum daily processing capacity exceeded 250 million pieces. 

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Why We Are Intentionally Sustainable - Our Mission

Welcome to Intentionally Sustainable!  We are about being proactive, living with Intention simply as possible.  We are about less blame and less guilt, more support and more solutions!  Our Inspiration for this site has come from a mix of; The devastating effect the Plastic Pollution Crisis is having on our environment. The way this has created...
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I Am A Person With A Brand, Not A Personal Brand...

I'm actually not trying to 'influence' anyone? I simply observed a huge amount of humans wanting to be more proactive about their environment and a large majority of them feeling helpless and confused because they didn't know how?  

My intention is to reduce that confusion.  I hope to provide informative and accessible starting steps that make beginning the journey of Reducing Single Use Items achievable....to simplify an action most people already wanted but weren't sure where to start? 
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Are We Drop Shipping....???

I want to address the pink elephant in the room. Time and time again, I get asked if we're drop shipping. The answer to that question is, NO. While drop shipping is easier, requires little outlay, and has barely any risk associated with it, it is not intentionally sustainable, and is therefore contradictory to our intentions.  What is Drop Shipp...
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