Are We Drop Shipping....???

....apparently the elephant in the room?

The answer - NO. 

It would be much easier, much lower outlay and risk (if any at all), but it would be completely contradictory to our intention - hence not really Intentionally Sustainable huh?

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is the term used for an online store that doesn't hold any stock, instead, they wait for a customer to buy it online, then they purchase the goods directly from the wholesaler with shipping directly to the customer.  Basically, a 'middle marketing man' creating an online store to list and market products, but only purchase the item when you do. 

Small Parcel Service

Drop shipping is made possible because China has a 'small parcel' service which allows small parcels to be delivered around the world with free shipping, making it easy for drop shippers to purchase single items from wherever they are, when and as required and have them delivered directly to the consumer.

To be clear this service is ONLY for small parcel service, any larger packages or bulk items are VERY expensive to ship!


You can see in this video I posted a while ago showing the disheartening fact that plastic packaging it came in weighed more than a standard plastic toothbrush! Let alone the carbon footprint to get it here! 

Unbelievably sad to see...there is a price to pay for those rock-bottom prices... Please stop thinking you are doing a good thing by purchasing this way.

One supplier informing me they had shipped over 4000 individual bamboo toothbrushes in 3 months alone, after speaking was when I ordered one and weighed the packaging. 

Sustainable Supply Chains

For us finding the right suppliers is essential. Companies that manufacture to the highest standards, have validated certification, will work with us to reduce the packaging and waste required both in manufacturing and shipping.


So no, we do not drop ship - Especially as not one supplier has the quality we require and stocks all of the items, each specializes in their specific field ie stainless steel, bamboo etc. 

Meaning for one of our starter packs, you would receive 5 separate parcels, from 5 different suppliers, with 5 lots of waste!  I doubt Sustainability would be the Intention behind that? 

Bulk Shipping

Shipping is super expensive for bulk items, nothing like single items. It is usually around the same price if not more than the goods, and it is in US dollars. For example, a parcel that may be worth $300 then the shipping maybe around $330 on top, so that is $630......US$.....So around $950 NZ! 

So instantly whatever price you see for a single unit is at least tripled for us to buy it and stock it with ethics...not to mention you have no idea where the single unit has come from? Ewww? 

Instead, we buy all of the items listed in bulk, with minimal packaging, and once you order them we pack them up as eco-friendly as we possibly can, and we ship them off to you.

So the straight up guts of it is...

NO - we are not drop shipping.

YES - our intentions are genuine; sustainability easy and accessible to all. 

YES - our stock is premium and our suppliers are the very best.

YES - we check all the certification as thoroughly as possible. 

YES - of course we are making some profit.

YES - we have all of our fingers and toes crossed, hoping it is enough that we can keep doing this a little longer? 

YES - all of the above is merely a reflection of my knowledge at the current point in time, and I am no expert....I am also not saying you have to listen to me, in fact, I encourage you not to...instead maybe look outside the box a little next time, and make sure your actions are lining up with your intentions?



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